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Drumming Sounds

Glendale Team Building Workshops, Wellness Programs and Drum Circles

(602) 475-5694

Drum Circles

Community Building Hospitals and Senior Living

Drumming Sounds has over 20 years experience facilitating drum circles, with 10 of those years focused on aging adult populations. Both Andrew and Monica of Drumming Sounds are DCF (Drum Circle Facilitators) trained and certified in HealthRHYTHMS as well as the Drumming Sounds protocol.

They are facilitating 1-5 drum circles a day in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

In places like retirement communities serving the populations of independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing; mental health long term care facilities, cancer treatment facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, adult daycare, spinal cord injuries, bereavement groups and schools.

They are also contracted with Maricopa County Public Health and categorized as a healthcare intervention program bringing their wellness program into low income senior centers and senior housing communities.

Drumming Sounds has been such an asset to the communities they serve they have been asked to be keynotes and presenters for:

  • Arizona Senior Center Association
  • Arizona Therapeutic Recreation Association
  • Arizona Activity Coordinator’s Association
  • Arizona Assisted Living Federation Association
  • National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health Conference

Studies show these programs to be effective in the health and wellness of these individuals/groups that are a part of these drum circle programs, as well as fostering a sense of community and shaking of some of the webs of loneliness some of these populations face. Below are some links from studies done on the specific protocol HealthRHYTHMS that Andrew and Monica are trained in, which will show you why this program is right for your community, how it will benefit your people and why Drumming Sounds is for your population!


Intervention on anxiety, depression, social resilience and inflammatory immune response:

Improved immune response in older adults:

Inspiring creativity & bonding in seniors:

Impact on immune system study:

Genomics Research:

Potential for treating patients with stress-related cardiovascular disease:

Reducing student drop out rate:

Rehabilitative opportunities for at-risk adolescents:

So? What does the Drumming Sounds Drum circle look like?

It is typically a one hour session.

The first 15 minutes consisting of introductions, ice breakers, showing them some sounds on the drum and empowering them to play the sounds themselves.

The second 15 minutes begins with a breathing exercise with everyone relaxing and coming fully into the space, it then gets into entrainment, synchronized drumming which shows proven physical, mental and emotional benefits, this part also includes the group singing along as we drum.

The third 15 minutes begins our intentional drumming portion. Where we collectively agree on the intention of "love and gratitude". Turning the words into a rhythm that everyone can join in and really focusing and meditating on what the feeling of love and gratitude calls present for us.

The last 15 minutes is a meditative space where everyone gets to relax, the drums fall back as Andrew and Monica create a beautiful musical experience. In this space the Native American flute, the chimes, the gong and the Tibetan singing bowl are experienced by all.

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